“There are only 2 kinds of music : good and bad” (Duke Ellington)

“Slow Burners” is the musical journey of 5 musicians who accidentally met in the summer of 2016.

After having played on club and festival-stages for many years with previous bands (Howlin’ Bill, Bluezilla, Hombres Amplificados, Tattoo Turkey, The River Drops…) they were all ready for a new challenge : to form a band that was rooted in the blues, but not limited by traditionalism.

They hit the rehearsal room in september and instantly, a strange chemistry started to take place. The music that came out was the blues alright, but in each track soon the echoes started to resonate of the music they all grew up with in the 60s and 70s.

Meanwhile the started listening intensely to the sound and recording techniques of the legendary recording studios and engineers of days long gone (Sun, Chess, Muscle Shoals) and rediscovered the timelessness of the music recorded by these people.

Since they rehearse in a recording studio, everything they played could be recorded instantly and thus also their recording skills could be refined.

Slowly but surely Slow Burners started to find their own breath…

A first single was released in december, and the accompanying clip got 2000+ views on Youtube the first week of its release. They also entered the Hit Tracks top 100 -an international list that’s been active since 1978 – at 95, in the good company of Clapton, Santana, Bonamassa and many others.

All these things gave the band the confidence they needed, and at the moment they are busy working on their second clip and building a repertoire that will take them on the road from September 2017 on, with some try outs in Belgium and Holland in May.

The journey continues…